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Cornerstone Studios added splash pads of approximately 2,500 SF to each of three community parks: San Angelo, Atlantic, and City Terrace in the East Los Angeles area. Since these splash pads run on recycled water principles, a Los Angeles County Health Department permit was required in order to operate them. To accommodate the splash pads properly in existing park sites, grading, drainage, electrical, and utility issues were addressed. The selection of surfacing for the splash pads had to be colorful, long lasting, non-slip, and easy to maintain. The project also included installing signage and site furnishings. Cornerstone Studios prepared 2-D and 3-D graphics for three community workshops, addressed their concerns, and incorporated their suggestions into the final design.

  • Date : xx.xx.20xx
  • Client : County of Los Angeles
  • Status : ?
  • Location : Los Angeles and La Puenta, California