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Civic center landscape enhancement

Cornerstone Studios was responsible for preparing design options for enhancing the large open turf area at the front of City Hall at the corner of Harvard and Alton. The first design option retains most of the existing site character and creates a new palm tree shaded courtyard with enriched paving and wide amphitheater steps leading down to a grassy Concert Green. The second design option works with the existing corner treatment while creating a palm tree grove in a grid pattern at the corner and a planted berm surrounding the Concert Green. The third option retains little of the existing site features while creating a paved Central Plaza with a fountain as a focal point, amphitheatre seating, a tree shaded courtyard, Sister City Gardens, and ornamental grasses ringing the perimeter.

  • Client : City of Irvine
  • Status :
  • Location :┬áIrvine, California