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San dieguito river path

River Path Park lies along the San Dieguito River across from the fairgrounds and racetrack and offers pedestrian access along the shoreline as well as views up and down and across the river. In an effort to restore this non-tidal habitat area and provide public access and interpretation, a concept plan was developed with input and direction from the community and City staff. Their goal was to preserve and restore the upland habitat in as much of a natural state as possible. The project required the removal of invasive, nonnative species from the area and creation of a coastal sage scrub habitat suitable for use by migrating birds such as Canadian geese.

The improvements for this passive use area consisted of stabilized paths, small sitting/viewing areas with benches, re-vegetation using native trees and shrubs, and a low volume irrigation system. The stabilize path surface is a polymer binder mixed with decomposed granite to form a hardened but natural appearance.

  • Client :┬áCity of Del Mar
  • Status : Environmental
  • Location :┬áDel Mar, California