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Rio De Flag Recreation Trail

This project will create a bike and jogging trail along one side of the new flood control channel. The Rio de Flag runs through historic downtown Flagstaff, Thorpe Park, and a large section of residential area. Along its course eleven new bridges are being modified or replaced to span the channel. The design effort involves the trail, retaining walls, rest areas, and the aesthetic treatment of the bridges and their abutments.

The retaining wall design is based on the local geological history. The area around Flagstaff was shaped many years ago by three geologic events: volcanic activities, earth movements and sedimentation. Sections of the retaining wall and the slope behind will be used as stages to depict the geologic processes by which Flagstaff was formed.

  • Client :¬†Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles
  • Status : Environmental
  • Location :¬†Flagstaff, Arizona