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Murrieta Creek

The Murrieta Creek Phase 2 project is located in the southwest portion of Riverside County. It is approximately a 2.5 mile stretch of channel which will receive aesthetic and erosion control treatments on both the east and west sides of the channel. The Corps had designed a multi-purpose trail on each side at the top of the bank for maintenance and recreational uses. We coordinated with the City of Temecula in designing a small park/rest stop in the Old Historic Town adjacent to the channel which is accessible to and from the multipurpose trail on the west side. The landscape areas along both sides of the channel will be planted as much as possible with native, drought-tolerant, low maintenance and low water-use trees, shrubs, groundcovers and /or annual grasses and wildflowers in the form of hydroseeding. The plant palette matches the plants in the completed landscape segments and Diaz Road Multipurpose Trail Landscape. The palette also meets the requirements from the Old Town Specific Plan and the review comments from the City of Temecula.

  • Client :¬†U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Status : Environmental
  • Location :¬†Riverside County