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605 Freeway at South Street

As this intersection is the key vehicle access to the Mile-of-Cars auto zone in Cerritos along the 605 freeway, the City wanted to provide a unique theme identity for the area by enhancing the four on/off ramps and the bridge overpass at South Street exit. This scope of work was accomplished by installation of decorative fencing and pilasters on the bridge, specimen palm trees, cobble paving, colorful accent planting of shrubs and groundcover, and dramatic lighting. Concept alternatives of planting were prepared for approval by the city and Caltrans prior to preparation of construction documents. In order to secure the Caltrans permit, it was necessary to determine sight lines to establish a clear zone for the placement of the palms and shrubs to meet their criteria. Final irrigation drawings were prepared with much field work using Caltrans as-built drawings; the system is designed to accommodate future reclaimed water and central control. We facilitated the approval of the Encroachment Permit from Caltrans.

  • Client : Park
  • Status : Transportation
  • Location : Cerritos, California