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The two existing play areas, located in Irvine’s largest community park, have been heavily used resulting in degradation in play value over time. As a result of an audit for play area safety, the play areas were deemed deficient with some equipment being removed for safety. In addition, a majority of the site did not meet today’s ADA access standards. Our scope of work included:

  • Preparation of a topographic survey
  • Design of the 2-5 and 5-12 areas and the adjacent site
  • Design of an interactive water feature for play
  • Presentation to the community and park’s commission for input and approval
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • Preparation of construction documents, including layout drawings and specifications for installation of the age-specific play areas
  • Improvement of the site for ADA access to the play areas

Significant improvements included curbs, walls, grading and drainage, tables and benches, planting and resilient surfacing in combination with play sand to meet current CSPC and NPSI guidelines for playground safety, ADA guidelines, and California Title 24 codes for accessibility. The $883,000 construction cost was within the City’s capital improvement budget.

  • Date : xx.xx.20xx
  • Client : City of Irvine
  • Status : ?
  • Location : Irvine, California