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Shine Ville Resort

Shine Ville Resort is 16 acres of beautiful ocean front property located south-west of Cheju Island and is one hour flight time from Seoul, South Korea. Cheju has the most agreeable climate in Korea. The climate supports a wide variety of plants, from the tropical to the temperate. The climate and the setting have won Cheju the reputation of ‘Honeymoon Island’.

Cornerstone Studios provided a landscape master plan for the hotel and the condominiums for this project. The master plan will:

  • Provide an organization to the outdoor spaces
  • Provide a design that is uniquely Korean and with western cultural experiences

Master Plan Concept
Water surrounds the island. Water is used as a metaphor to connect the Cheju Island culture (The Eastern Garden) to the Western culture (The Western Garden). The maze garden with bands of shrubs in the middle symbolizes water connecting the two cultures. Local history and folklore are represented in the Eastern Garden and depicted on a sculptural stone wall. In the Eastern Garden, we tell the story of the three gods, after marrying the three princesses, they established the agricultural communities in the island and is symbolized by the formal orchard on the plan. The Western Garden is symbolized by a formal garden with connection to the east. The planting and paving pattern will be used to depict water, the way it runs, and the fluidity of it. The beautiful view of the ocean, the local exotic plants, the memory of the history and culture can all be experienced in a walk through this wonderful resort.

  • Client :┬áBorn Plan Inc./Seoul, South Korea
  • Status : Commercial
  • Location :┬áSeoul, South Korea