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Old Powerhouse Plaza

This project site currently houses a 100-year-old building, the powerhouse that once supplied electricity to the majority of the California Polytechnic campus and is included in the National Historic Registry. Due to the high cost of maintaining the building, the University desires to create a plaza at this site built upon the site’s historic background that could become a busy hub for students for interaction and exchange of ideas.

The proposed concept has been developed and pays tribute to the existing building by utilizing key inherent features of the building within the design. Option 1 replicates the building footprint and locates entrances to the plaza at the current building entrances. Option 2 is was a more symbolic representation of the historic context of the site and proposes using building salvage icons as the plaza’s focal point and surrounding them with interpretive signage. An existing oak tree is incorporated within both options as a living icon of the historic past. Additional amenities proposed include a cart area, and seating and lawn areas for gathering. The project is awaiting approval from the University for demolishing the building and the desired option presented for approval.

  • Client :┬áCommunitas/California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo
  • Status : In Progress
  • Location :┬áSan Luis Obispo, CA