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Ocean Boulevard Boardwalk

This project involved the design of a beachfront promenade along a heavily used section of Pacific Beach to replace a portion of Ocean Boulevard and restore public access along the shoreline. Improvements included a seawall, stairs, seating areas, utilities, showers, paving, planting, and lighting. Alternative designs and numerous studies were prepared with extensive community review meetings conducted. In addition, close coordination with local groups and agencies, including the Coastal Commission staff, was required in order to gain approval of this three block section of a beach front promenade in Pacific Beach. The seawall is cast-in-place concrete with a corrugated pattern that was then bush hammered approximately 1/4″ deep. The pattern was chosen to provide a shadow relief to the tall and long wall surfaces.

  • Client :┬áCity of San Diego
  • Status : Civic/Urban Design
  • Location :┬áSan Diego, California