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Los Angeles Emergency Operations Center

The major landscape space for this project is a 50 by 215 foot area fronting Temple Street. A four-foot high geometric berm occupies this space and is part of the security feature for the building. A wall and fence enclose the entire project adding further security and protection. In our design concept, the berm represents the earth and the earth moved and resulted in a longitudinal crack in the berm. This crack then became the path that connects the parking structure to the Fire Station 4 next door. The berms are planted with palms, cactus, succulents, and other drought tolerant plants resembling a desert garden. Seating alcoves were located on both sides of the path and are enveloped by the bermed up desert garden. Permeable paving material such as decomposed granite is used for the path to strengthen the overall garden concept and to meet Low Impact Development (LID) requirements. The plants provide intimacy, accent, and identity to the project.

A shared employee courtyard is located between LAEOC and Fire Station 4 next door. The design of this courtyard incorporated a dining area with a built-in barbecue, group seating, and gathering areas. Shade tolerant plants, enriched paving, and easy accessibility from both buildings contribute to the popularity of this outdoor courtyard.

  • Client : Fluor and HOK/City of Los Angeles
  • Status : Civic/Urban Design
  • Location : Los Angeles, CA