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Golden West Transportation Center

OCTA has been working with Southern California Edison to expand their current parking facilities at the Golden West Transportation Center. They have received approval from SCE to use their overhead transmission line setback area for this expansion. CSI’s scope of work for this project included the planting and irrigation design of the expanded parking lot. The proposed design provides adequate visual separation from adjacent properties along with clear visual openings near driveways and entrances. The planting includes layers of plant material of variable height, color and texture that provide year round visual interest for passersby. In order to reduce the paved area of the parking lot, the parking bays were reduced in length and the area saved was added to the landscape. A


combination of low groundcover and decomposed granite are proposed at this location to allow the car front bumper to overhang into the planting areas. The biggest challenge was the overhead transmission lines that limited the planting palette, particularly the tree height. The proposed planting had to be approved by both the City of Huntington Beach that focused greatly on the aesthetics aspect of the planting and Southern California Edison that had strict planting requirements. Several iterations were submitted at every phase to comply with the requirements of all these agencies. Despite the additional submissions, the project proceeded uninterrupted and is now awaiting the final approval from the City.

  • Client : STV, Inc. for the Orange County Transportation Authority
  • Status : Transportation
  • Location : Huntington Beach, CA