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Commuter Rail Stations – Downtown

The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) selected five metrolink stations for landscape and irrigation energy consumption evaluation and for assessment of their paint surfaces: Downtown, La Sierra, Pedley, West Corona, and North Main.

The purpose of these efforts was to:

  • Conserve water and energy consumption
  • Lower the maintenance expenses
  • Educate the public regarding water and energy conservation
  • Render a fresh look to all the stations

Cornerstone Studios replaced many of the planted areas with permeable hardscape that dramatically reduced the water use and maintenance expenses for RCTC. The permeability factor limited hardscape options to the use of decomposed granite embedded with different kinds of stones or rocks. By creating different combinations of patterns, contrasting different colors of stones and rocks, and selecting mostly low water use plants, CSI was able to reduce the water consumption by 50% or more as compared to existing water use in all the stations. Responsibilities included managing the project, preparing reports/assessments, preparing a topographic survey, and preparing plans, specifications, and cost estimates for hardscape, planting, and irrigation for each of the five stations. The improvements for each station were divided into phases in order to offer flexibility in bidding and construction by RCTC. A paint contractor with the expertise to advise RCTC on the best method to revive all the previous poor paint jobs for all the stations was also identified by the firm.

  • Client : Riverside County Transportation Commission
  • Status : Transportation
  • Location : Riverside, CA