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Combat Training Tank

Our planting design will create an identity and a sense of a place for this combat training tank site. We selected the plants to meet the following goals:

  • Demonstrate water conservation principles by using drought tolerant and locally adapted species
  • Provide visual interest and seasonal color
  • Provide buffer and shade

To reduce heat reflection and to be in compliance with Force Protection Unobstructed View setback, different types of low-growing groundcovers are used around the building. Rock mulch bandings in combination with drought tolerant shrubs and succulents are used along the street side and the site to reinforce water conservation principles and to provide strong visual interest.

All irrigation equipment and standards were chosen to be in compliance with Irrigation Guidelines for MCAS Miramar.

  • Client :┬áCass, Sowatsky, Chapman and Associates/NAVFAC Southwest Division
  • Status : Military
  • Location :┬áMarine Corps Air Station – Miramar, California