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Bristol Street Median

This project provides new medians and planting between Baker Street and Newport Road. The design concept was to create a naturalistic, colorful, and drought tolerant landscape using trees, shrubs, decomposed granite paving, and boulders. CSI designed a bubbler / drip irrigation system using weather based controllers to water the planting.

The design concept achieves the goal of creating naturalistic, aesthetically pleasing and drought-tolerant landscape. Yellow flowering (Palo Verde) and Pink flowering (Pink Trumpet) trees are used in groupings at every 100’ on center throughout the medians. Underneath the tree groupings, landscape boulders in various sizes in combination with succulent/grass plantings and decomposed granite provide visually interesting pattern, texture and color.  Meandering river rock embedded in mortar provides the visual link adding structure to the lushness of the median landscape.  All proposed irrigation will be automatic low flow sub-surface drip system that aims to reduce the excess water and prevent overflow.

  • Client : Anderson Penna Partners for the City of Costa Mesa
  • Status : Transportation
  • Location : Costa Mesa, CA