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Beverly Park is one of three neighborhood pocket parks that Cornerstone Studios successfully completed for the City of Los Angeles. They were funded by the Ana Bing Land Trust to establish outdoor play areas for under-served communities. Beverly Park is located in the Philippino neighborhood not far from downtown Los Angeles. We incorporated the theme of the traditional round tribal meeting place and terraced planting field into the design of this park. The existing wall mural colorfully depicts the journey of the Philippine immigrants braving hardships of all types in order to move to a foreign land. From the park looking south you see the Los Angeles skyline gleaming in the sun.

We designed the park using sustainable practices by using native and drought tolerant plants, decomposed granite for walkways, recycled materials, grouping plants together that have similar water needs, and installing moisture sensors in the irrigation system to avoid run-off.

  • Date : xx.xx.20xx
  • Client : City of Los Angeles
  • Status : ?
  • Location : Los Angeles