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Adelanto Detention Center

Adelanto Detention Center is located in California’s high desert. Heat, wind, and low annual precipitation dictate the landscape design of this harsh environment. To ameliorate these harsh conditions, we have selected plants that do well locally for providing accent, texture, color, and screening to the project. Gravel, rocks, and decomposed granite mulch are used extensively to encourage the filtering of runoff. In order to conserve water, groundcover is reserved only for slope areas.

Groups of Joshua trees and Red Yucca in decomposed granite grace the frontage of the project while diagonal bands of Agave planted in rock mulch delineate the plants. Pine trees are planted in a row on a low berm to provide a windscreen for the buildings and open yards in the back. Jacaranda trees accent the front entrance to the buildings. Low water use and low maintenance characterizes this landscape and the prickly Joshua trees provide some security to this institution.

  • Client : HOK for the County of San Bernardino 
  • Status : Civic/Urban Design
  • Location : San Bernardino, CA